Jesper Tverskov, July 14, 2009

XQuery 1.0 Training

XQuery is for big XML data jobs, for querying native XML databases or XML on top of relational databases and also for any fast SQL like view of XML data. XQuery is great for keeping simple things simple like updating an XML document with a one liner. XQuery and XSLT has so much in common that is gives us two different XQuery courses: If you have a background in XSLT and if you don't.

1. Generic XQuery training

I mostly do "XQuery for XSLT-people" type of courses often just and introduction of 1/4 day or 1/2 day as part of other courses. In a basic XQuery training session of one day, we look at XQuery at the command line and from inside an advanced XML Editor of your choice, like XMLSpy, Oxygen and Stylus Studio. This is how XQuery should be learned, as close to the source code and to the XQuery processor as possible.

If you are going to use XQuery from inside some database framework, don't expect me to demonstrate that framework, often having additional tools and layers around XQuery. I only provide generic training. For basic training any XQuery processor will do.

2. XQuery Update Facility

XQuery 1.0 has no way of updating XML the way SQL can update tables. This has been taken care of in an additional standard, XQuery Update Facility 1.0. included in the basic training session.

Updated: 2009-07-29